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  • Appraisal
    A semi-annual journal of constructive and post-critical philosophy and interdisciplinary studies, which takes a special but not exclusive interest in the philosophy of Michael Polanyi. Edited and published by R. T. Allen. Includes contents of all volumes.

  • The Philosopher
    The Philosopher is the oldest general Philosophy Journal in the world, and attempts to publish accessible articles that are philosophical in method. Associated with the Philosophical Society of England. Site includes journal contents and selected full-text articles.

  • Philosophy Now
    Bi-monthly, non-academic publication with news, articles, and columns aimed at those with an interest in philosophy. Site features select full-text articles and contents archive.

  • Human Studies
    Quarterly journal of philosophy and the social sciences, exploring the logic of inquiry, methodology, epistemology of social science practices. Phenomenological perspectives, broadly defined, are a primary, though not an exclusive focus. Edited by George Psathas, and official journal of the Society for Phenomenology and the Human Sciences. Published by Kluwer Academic Publishers. Includes contents and abstracts.

  • Mind
    Quarterly journal, with a special focus on epistemology, metaphysics, philosophy of language, philosophy of logic, and philosophy of mind. Published for the Mind Association by Oxford University Press. Edited by M. G. F. Martin. Contents and abstracts available on publisher's site.

  • Philosophical Explorations
    An international journal for the philosophy of mind and action, which aims to provide a forum for analytically minded philosophers interested in genuine dialogue regarding continental philosophy and the social sciences. Edited by Jan Bransen. Published three times per year by Routledge. Includes contents.

  • Philosophy
    Philosophy, a quarterly journal, is dedicated to building bridges between specialist philosophers and a wider educated public. Edited by Anthony O'Hear, and published on behalf of the Royal Institute of Philosophy by the Cambridige University Press. Select full-text articles available, and contents of all volumes at publisher's site.

  • Social Philosophy and Policy
    Social Philosophy and Policy is an interdisciplinary journal that explores in each issue the philosophical underpinnings of an enduring social policy debate. The journal is edited by faculty at Bowling Green State University, and is published twice per year by the Cambridge University Press. Contents, including description of policy issue, available on site.

  • The British Journal of Aesthetics
    Quarterly journal intended to provide an international forum for debate in aesthetics and the philosophy of art. Edited by Peter Lamarque. Published on behalf of the British Society of Aesthetics by Oxford University Press. Includes contents and abstracts of current and archived issues.

  • Argumentation
    Quarterly interdisciplinary journal concerned with reasoning, natural inference and persuasion. Edited by Frans H. van Eemeren, Scott Jacobs, Erik C.W. Krabbe, and John Woods. Published by Kluwer Academic Publishers. Includes contents, abstracts, and select free articles.

  • Analysis
    Quarterly journal exploring contemporary issues in analytic philosophy, especially epistemology, metaphysics, and logic. Edited by Michael Clark. Published by Blackwell Publishing on behalf of the Analysis Trust. Includes contents of current and some past issues.

  • Ethics
    Quarterly international journal of moral, political, and legal philosophy. Edited by John Deigh, and published by the University of Chicago Press. Includes contents from current and past issues.

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