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Philosophy: Transdisciplinarity

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  • The Santa Fe Institute
    "Operating as a small, visiting institution, SFI seeks to catalyze new collaborative, multidisciplinary projects that break down the barriers between the traditional disciplines, to spread its ideas and methodologies to other individuals and encourage the practical applications of its results".

  • Learning Development Institute (LDI)
    LDI is a transdisciplinary networked learning community devoted to excellence in the development and study of learning. The collective responsibility for the ecology of the learning environment, and each individual's role in its participatory management, is among LDI's essential concerns.

  • The Three Pillars of Transdisciplinarity
    Seb Henagulph's essay provides a lucid framing of the geometry of relational versus rational perception and inquiry. The key multivalent 'connector' between the domains of the relational and rational which the author utilizes in weaving this tapestry of understanding is Stéphane Lupasco's notion of 'the included middle'.

  • Principia Cybernetica Web
    An international organization, PCP tries to tackle age-old philosophical questions with the help of the most recent cybernetic theories and technologies. Stated more precisely, the Project's aim is the computer-supported collaborative development of an evolutionary-systemic philosophy.

  • Janus Head
    Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature, Continental Philosophy, Phenomenological Psychology, and the Arts, with a pronounced tendency of transdisciplinarity.

  • The Association for Integrative Studies - AIS
    An interdisciplinary professional organization founded in 1979 to promote the interchange of ideas among scholars and administrators in all of the arts and sciences on intellectual and organizational issues related to furthering integrative studies. Interdis E-mail List is a list designed to promote the free exchange of ideas and information about topics such as integration, synthesis, interdisciplinarity.



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