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  • Journeys with Rebecca  pop
    The Journeys with Rebecca Radio Show, hosted by Reiki Educator and Psychic - Rebecca Jernigan. Rebecca interviews world renowned experts in Alternative Healing, Paranormal, Metaphysical and more… Listener questions and comments are always welcomed. Talk Radio with an Intuitive Touch.

  • Shakti Bija Mantra Reiki  pop
    Shakti Bija Mantra Reiki is based on the hand positions, general treatment flow, and healing frequencies used in Usui Reiki, but adds the power of specific Sanskrit seed (bija) mantras and letters (akshara). The energy used in Shakti Bija Mantra Reiki is primarily feminine, and works to cleanse, tone and support the chakras in their natural healing, development and evolution. Shakti Bija Mantra Reiki utilizes the vibrations created by the intonation of the various bija mantras, and also the visualization and “beaming” of the colors associated with the 7 chakras. There are 3 levels of training in Shakti Bija Mantra Reiki, and each has a separate attunement and symbol-set. Students are required to have prior experience with the Usui system, and must have at least a Usui Level I certification. Shakti Bija Mantra Reiki was founded by Devi Spring in 2005.

  • Reiki One
    Practitioner and teacher directory, question and answer forum, classifieds, newsletter. Hosted by Teri A. Moore in Indianapolis, Indiana.

  • SKHM
    Origin of Seichim style rediscovered by Patrick Zeigler. History, workshops and attunements. Multilingual site.

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