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  • House of Netjer
    Kemetic Orthodox temple dedicated to the restoration of the authentic ancient Egyptian religion, through the study of source texts and Egyptological research.

  • Story of Seshat: Leaves from the Tree of Life
    Her name is rarely spoken, yet it is there like the sun or the sky, or the stars that She gazes on - always present even if unheard. It is Seshat - the one who writes upon the leaves of the tree of life. She is one aspect of the totality of the divine. In Kemetic terms, Netjer is the sum of divinity, each of Its names a part of the whole.

  • Ancient Egyptian Virtual Temple
    The boat is docked and waiting to take you on your journey to explore the realm known as ancient Egypt or Kemet as it was known to the Egyptians themselves. According to these ancient people, Egypt was not just an earthly locality, but in fact a reflection of heaven itself. To them, the world, the universe and man mirrored each other.

  • Per Sekhmet
    Dedicated to help learning more about the Kemetic religion: the spirituality and belief systems of Ancient Egypt. It is a place where you can learn the histories and aspects of the Neteru and historical and archeological aspects of the Ancient Egyptian religion.

    Information on Seshat, the Kemetic Orthodox Name of Netjer associated with writing and record-keeping. Also features an online journal.

  • Akhet Hwt-Hrw
    A Temple of Ancient Egyptian Religion dedicated to the Egyptian Goddess Hwt-Hrw (Hathor). The pages listed here give information about the religion and culture of Ancient Egypt, Akhet as both a temple and school, as well as listing some of the many services offered by Akhet.


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