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  • Eternism  pop
    Offering the purpose of existence and supplying proof of eternal life. Includes a comprehensive definition of this alternative belief system.

  • Eleytheria  pop
    A new belief system based on the free will and free thought of all mankind, upholding that peace, unconditional love, freedom, and all forms of life are the most important and valuable above all else.

  • The Third Testament
    On the advent (the second coming of the Lord), the 144000 chosen, Elijah, the prophet, the paranormal, a message from virgin Mary, reincarnation and past lives in the bible.

  • Neo Ch'an Budhhist Temple
    A brotherhood following the philosophical background of moral leadership through experience rather than intellectualization. Followers of the Neo Ch'an Philosophy can be of any faith as long as it acknowledges and venerates a higher power superior to man. The Neo Ch'an attempts to unite all religions under the same roof.

  • Kirael
    From the Honolulu Church of Light. Includes details of radio broadcasts, shift reports, photon forecast, local church listings, and online store.

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