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Spiritual Healing

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  • Gerhard Kluegl  pop
    Medium and healer who is able to detect and remove memories of past life, and current illnesses and injuries from the aura, includes workshops and event schedule, music therapy, and healing explanations.

  • Mary Malone  pop
    International faith healer and visionary, includes venues and schedule of appearances, testimonials, videos and tapes, and photo gallery, also includes information regarding obtaining absent healings.

  • World Federation Of Healing  pop
    Organization for all health practitioners, to understand and practice holistic as well as spiritual health. Features healing definitions, membership information, healers directory, and message board.

  • The Sanctuary, Burrows Lea
    The Sanctuary, also known as The Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary, was founded in 1946 by Harry Edwards and is based at Burrows Lea, a magnificent Victorian house set in 30 acres of stunning Surrey countryside. People visit Burrows Lea for healing to sit quietly for prayer, meditation or to unwind. It is also a unique venue for weddings, conferences and retreats. The Sanctuary is a place in which people find a renewal of spiritual and emotional strength, their courage and a sense of inner peace - achieving a more balanced attitude. Troubles are reduced to their proper proportions.

  • Receive Psychic Help from a Real Psychic
    Psychic advice, some free, to help Trans-Form yourself. Improve your spiritual, emotional, mental, physical and financial health with infinite wisdom. Realize your full human potential with the psychic help of our dependable group of spirit guides. In a straightforward conversation with the entities, whose words are spoken by Francis Hosein while he is in a deep trance, you ask questions and they give answers and advice. With Francis Hosein's agreement, he acts as a channel for these spirits.

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