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  • Soul Insight with Erin Mackley
    -Spiritual Direction: Recognizing your Divine Self shining from within, Enlightening your world with love so that you can see your Truth. -Channeling: Direct conversations with Ascended Beings and Divine Spirits such as Archangels and the Spirits of Nature, channeled through my voice and interpreted through clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient perception. -Energy Therapies: Heal your physical and energy bodies and clear the way to meet your goals. Aura clearing, cord clearing, opening of higher chakras and energy fields. -We also offer free teleconference meditations & healing.

  • Spiritual hertbalist powerful healer in South Africa
    Dr.moosa is traditional healing proffessor blessed with powerful Spirits (ancestral spiritual powers) to meet all your needs to satisfaction. All his services are beyond human imagination, and many have always asked for what is behind his services because of their effect to their problems he can cast spells no matter how far the client maybe and his spells are guaranteed to work in 3 days

  • CCDH School of Energy Medicine
    Crystal Clear Diamond Healing - A complete system of healing mind body and spirit. Incorporating stem cell frequency heaing, birth frequency healing, esoteric acupuncture,colour healing, spiritual NLP. CCDH has new leading edge healing and personal development information and techniques to give students and cklients the clearest connection they have ever had to their soul journey and angels and masters in absolute truth divine love and light. The system combines the science of what we know with the advanced information of the science of what we have not yet found.

  • Light Axis Healing
    Light Axis Healing is a powerful holistic therapy that helps to heal emotional and physical trauma and illness. It uses 7 unique and highly advanced spiritual healing techniques within one healing. Purchase a healing session now from the website. There are also healing courses, books and audios on the website. You can also purchase a clairvoyant psychic readings from the site. Sessions can be done over Skype, Phone Email or In Person. A small 5-10 minute psychic reading is included for free with each healing purchased. For more detailed readings, they can be purchased separately to the healing. Namaste. Thank you.

  • Carol Perry, Spiritual Liberator
    I am a spiritual healer and liberator whose intent is to speak to your heart. I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina to a French mother and an American father. My Divine work allows me to reveal the truth to others, which allows them to choose their spiritual path. Please quiet your mind and allow your heart to open. This one action will allow you to see a different aspet of truth as you shift your vibration. Connect with my love and healing energy.

  • Herbalist healer Dr. Jamali
    HERBALIST AND SPIRITUAL HEALER with miraculous spiritual powers , herbal healing powers and herbal medicines from natural herbal plants. Dr. Jamali is a leading herbalist healer on the entre African continent. He use pure natural herbal remedies and his ancestral powers to heal and solve all sicknesses, infections as well as solving all problems in nature of mankind.

  • Powerful Love spells caster Dr.Nuuhu
    The leading Love Spells Caster with abilities to return lost lovers just within 24hrs.Dr.Nuuhu is powerful in spiritual and ancestral healing with mystical powers to heal diseases and infections as well as solving all life problems and removing all the obstacles in the way of human life progress.

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