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  • Esoteric School of Shamanism and Magic  pop
    International mystery school offering magic and shamanism courses via teleconference, online, self-study and apprenticeship programs. Our courses teach magic and shamanism as a reliable, precise hard science. Many resources available for all levels of practitioners.

  • My Shamanic Vision  pop
    A site dedicated to assisting the shamanic practitioner live their shamanic vision. Includes information on shamanism, initiation, trance states, alternative states of consciousness, vision quests, the medicine wheel, shape shifting, power animals, soul retreivals, psychopomp and much more.

  • Wolf Lodge
    Robert Ghost Wolf and Wolf Lodge present information, knowledge, healing, enlightenment, prophecy, Indigenous culture, truth and wisdom.

  • The Raven Lodge
    Shamanic resource center for shamanic and personal development with details of a home study course, bookstore, craft-work section, news-letter, down-loads section and articles.

  • Shaman
    A journal of the International Society for Shamanistic Research, published semiannually with original articles, reviews of current books, films, videos, records, tapes and CDs, accounts of works in progress and announcements of coming events. Contents of previous and forthcoming issues and information on ordering.

  • Shaman Links
    Provides educational information and links to information on shamanism. Also links to shamanic practitioners, teachers, and teaching organizations listed by city and state or country.


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