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  • The Project At Earth  pop
    This is the organization of leading representatives of the alien races that are visiting Earth. Learn about Jack and Nancy Malacaria's work with the aliens, see their drawings and get to know the alien leaders of The Project.

  • A New Consciousness Bible  pop
    Reading TESTAMENT illuminates the lost knowledge of the relationships of man and the carnal world with those changes that fade or fall away in their various effect, making plain the interpretation of death. The reader's consciousness is expanded; thus the 'uncovering' of the Hall of Records. Spirit has made the life of Mark Russell bell an open book so that others can expand their consciousness.

  • Metzger's Different Drummer  pop
    Angels, Auras, Chakras, Channeling, Christianity, Clairvoyant, Consciousness, Creation, Divine, Gifts of Spirit, Guidance, Healing, Holy Breath, Inspiration, Jesus Christ, Meditation, Metaphysical, Mind, Nature Spirits, Paranormal, Prime Creator God, Psychic, Reincarnation, Revelations, Soul, Spirit, Spirits, Spiritual, Spirituality, Telepathy, Therapy, Truth, UFOs, X-Ray Vision, Wsdom, Etc.

  • Welcome... Beings of Light  pop
    Expand Your Consciousness Beyond 3-Dimensional Reality by exploring new age, UFOs, twin souls, soul mates, spiritual crisis, reincarnation, ancient civilizations, crop circles, inner peace, cosmic cycles, earth changes, the mystical....

  • A Pathway to Freedom: Northlight  pop
    Northlight uses a number of different spiritual rituals for personal healing and growth, including ancient Essene teachings, and Native American ceremonies. Our processes include: Firewalking, Rebirthing, Sweatlodges, Petroglyph Deciphering Seminars, Native Weekend Retreats, Vision Quest, Drumming Circles, and Private Council. Roger Clark is a minister who performs all kinds of weddings including unconventional.

  • Centerpoint  pop
    Offering life readings, Orhai healing, free teachings from the council, totem helpers, readers forum, articles, techniques and all things metaphysical

  •  pop
    Whatever your god or religion, This site will not fail not inspire, sounds, pics and much more. Mind blowing stuff. If you are looking for enlightenment this is the one

  • Waiting Heaven  pop
    Poetry and landscape photos by Julia Sorokina (photopainter and poet). Verses devoted spritualy search, photos images nature suburbs of Saint Petersburg and Karelia. Verses on russian language and a few verses have word-to-word english versions

  • Mystical Treasures  pop
    many Free Spiritual & Personal Growth Resources as well as quality products & services. Here you will find Free Spiritual Guidance Tarot Readings, Personal Growth Exercises, Inspiration, Motivation, Classes, Free Group Mediumship Reading Sessions held each week, and too much more to mention here

  • Comp-U-Garg Gargoyle & Dragon Statues  pop
    A great Site for Gargoyle and Dragon fans. System lockups, nasty viruses, crashing hard drives, pesky hardware and software glitches, overbearing bosses, obnoxious co-workers!.... These worries are a thing of the past with a Comp-U-Garg® protecting you!

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