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    Anastasiya is a recent phenomenon in the spiritual life of the former Soviet Union. As well known as she is to almost every man, woman, and child in the Russias, she is totally unknown elsewhere. Through her partner, former businessman Vladimir Megre, this 28-year-old woman has produced five out of nine planned books, all of which are best-sellers in the Russias.

  • Pagan and Proud of it  pop
    A personal/teaching site: runes and runelore and Norse history. Herbs used in health and magick. The ways of the Craft, metaphysics, meditation, chakras, philosophy,the cabala, page after page of poems to the Goddess,Rites and Rituals,Geomancy,self improvement and much much more... :) come take a peek in my room Esta

  • New Thought Spiritualism
    A philosophy based upon the New Thought Movement and modern spiritualism. The focus of this group is to advance spiritualism to the next evolutional step, by focusing not on demonstration of gifts but upon individual spiritual practices that are in harmony with natural and spiritual laws.

  • Pathways To Eden
    Enlightenment, spirituality, new age, meditation. Guided site for spiritual discovery and discussion of alternative healing therapies and remedies. Practical advice on personal growth and living spiritually in a material world; dedicated to the healing and transformation of humanity.

  • Spiritualist Religion Pages
    Learn the basics about the religion, science, and philosophy of Spiritualism. Read the Spiritualist Basics book online - Spiritualist Basics is an explanation of what Spiritualism is about, written for someone who is unaware that Spiritualism exists as a religion, science, and philosophy, but has heard of "psychic readings".

  • Spiritualism
    Careful explanations dealing with all the aspects of life, afterlife, spirit communication, karma, reincarnation, meditation, ghosts, hauntings, evil, heaven, hell, premonition, fortune telling, auras, trinity, Christ,God, devil, different religions, healing and many, many other important subjects.

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