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    Find out what mediums in the UK say about the Spiritualist Church and the direction mediumship is taking today Chatroom and debate about life after death and the Afterlife. Includes stories about psychic and paramormal phenomena and free chat readings

  • Psychic World is the site to visit for spiritual and paranormal subjects covered by many internationally published authors. Covers many aspects of Spiritualism.

  • Being Quest
    A heroic quest for spiritual truth and enlightenment through confrontation with the divine and demonic in the heart, seeking through creative and dramatic literary works the reformation and resolution of our mysterious human existence.

  • Forbidden Secrets of Personal & Energetic Development
    Zensation offers a logical and rational frame for psychic, paranormal and energetic knowledge, combined with practical techniques explained in detail from Huna, NLP, Energy and others. Yellow Bamboo or Bambu Kuning for quickly and safely developing and strengthening your inner power. You will be thaught skills like telepathy, knocking an attacker down without touching, looking into the future, remote viewing, attracting money, drawing people or situations towards you.

    Explore the consciousness of The Soul and your spirituality on many levels. Visit the Birthing Room, where new ideas are birthed, the Hall of Right and Truth where prophecy is unveiled, and the sacred Temple where you find The Calling. Renew your Soul in The Prayer Room. Light the Sphinx before leaving and try your luck at the game of Senet. Test your memory and play the Game of Concentration, and don't forget to ask the Magic Ball a question before you leave. Much to ponder and enjoy

  • PsychicWaves: Authentic Spiritual Services by Rev. Jordyn
    Experienced Spiritual Counseling and Guidance. Accurate Numerology Readings, Relationship Readings, Dream Interpretation, Psychic Medium Training, and more. Genuine. Honest. Gifted. Excellent Rates and References. Documented Skills. More Than 20 Years Experience. Free initial consultation. Free Spiritual Advice. Free Assistance with Missing Persons and Unsolved Crimes.

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