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  • A Pinch of Health
    An Australian based online community that offers resources and support on areas such as atkins, breastfeeding, diet, exercise, health, low carb, organics, parenting, pregnancy, recipes and weight loss. Come say hello!

  • A Pinch of Health - Australia
    We are an Australian based independent low carbohydrate community who's main interests center around ours and others low carb diet and health. We are strong believers in fresh unprocessed whole food and organic foods and are quite skeptical of conventional medicine and the pharmaceutical industry. We are all pretty much following a low carbohydrate diet in some form. Remember low carb can mean many things other then one of the popular diets such as atkins, south beach or protein power. If your cutting or limiting sugar, breads and potatoes then chances are you are already on a low carbohydrate diet. Not only that, low carb diets are not just for weight loss. If you are suffering from health conditions such as diabetes, epilepsy, gastrointestinal disorders, gestational diabetes, hypoglycemia, insulin resistance, PCOS, syndrome X and even cancer to name a few then you should be following a low carbohydrate diet! We offer each other advice, guidance, research and support on the many issues related to our diets and health. We also offer this for off topic discussions, as well as a good laugh when needed. We provide a great forum, links, recipes, tools, gallery to name just a few as well as our own personal experiences that we share with each other. We are a very friendly bunch who would love to welcome you aboard so please feel free to drop into our forums and say hello and share your experiences with us, the more the merrier!

  • Skinnyo - Weight Loss Challenges
    Skinnyo is a fun and motivational weight loss community where you can compete with friends in weight loss challenges. Create your own or join someone else's. You can also track your progress with detailed graphs, diary and photo updates, leaderboards, badges, points and more.

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