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  • The Oriignal Diet-Patch Manufacturers
    The Diet-Patch nourishes the skin, controls appetite, cuts fatigue by nourishing the muscular system and helps with water retention. No side effects! TOTAL WEIGHT CONTROL WITH THE ORIGINAL DIET-PATCH Non-Drug - Safe - Easy to use - Never Hungry - No side effects! The Diet-Patch helps to: * Control Appetite * Stimulate Metabolism * Nourish the Muscular System * Eliminate Toxins, * Reduce Water Retention, * and Helps to Reduce Fatigue.

  • Goodbye Belly Fat – Lose Weight
    A collection of belly fat loss tips, exercises, recipes and food lists. Includes top fat burning exercises, belly fat diet recipes, information on how to lose belly fat fast and the truth about abs. Offers a list of fat burning foods, a list of weight loss programs, exercises to lose belly fat and a low fat high protein diet.

  • Tips for Weight Loss
    Provides weight loss tips. Offers advice on weight loss programs, weight loss supplements, weight loss retreats, how to lose belly fat, how to use green tea to lose weight and belly fat diets. Includes reviews on the Biggest Loser diet, Hoodia weight loss pills, the Aktins diet, the Jillian Michaels diet, Weight Watchers and Zumba fitness.

  • Resource for Weight Loss Programs includes info on how to speed up metabolism, quick weight loss programs, hoodia and natural weight pills, online diet programs and support. Provides info on fat loss and dietary supplements such as acai berry, green tea, laxatives and calcium. Discusses surgery and what to do for a weight loss plateau.

  • Height and Weight Charts
    Provides ideal weight charts. Offers help for determining your ideal body measurements, body mass index, ideal body fat percentage and calories needed to lose weight. Offers a calorie counting chart, body mass index formula, body fat percentage chart, healthy weight chart, BMI charts, and the calories needed to maintain weight.

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